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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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let's get you caught up. a live look from the sky ranger in north san jose. north first street. actually a couple blocks away from the studio. this is north first street. and trimable. a ups truck and behind that truck about ten to 15 san jose police cars and sheriffs. behind that truck. inside the truck is a ups driver from what we can see. also a man with a shotgun. this happened around 5:15 the chase started. this came to a close. an end here in terms of the truck stop around 5:30. and ever since that point for the last 30 minutes this is what we have been seeing. all the police officers and sheriffs behind the ups truck in a stand off with the driver and someone else inside. >> initially we saw the ups truck going down first street really fast and a spike strip hit one. got a flat tire. that's how it stopped. then we saw this video of the what appears to be a woman with
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her hands up emerging out of the truck. with her back to the police officer. 50 cop cars there. she goes back as you can see. in a pink top. goes to the ground and lays her hands down. and the police officers. initially we didn't know how many people were in the truck. there were at least two more people inside that truck. we have seen the video we'll show you a close upshot. we have to warn you the video is disturbing. there's a ups truck driver inside the car there. and then to the right of him in the passenger area if you look closely. you will see a man holding what appears to be a shotgun under his chin. they're in conversation. one point the ups driver hands him the phone. it appears he's texting. a younger man. with a beard. they have conversation. and at one point the man begins to sit on the ground again holding that shotgun. >> we're not clear if that man
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with the gun how they're related to the ups driver. if he's an innocent bystander some type of carjacking. 30 minutes a woman left the truck. back to the live picture. in the heart of major tech companies. e bay down the right. and paypal a few blocks away. and our studios. >> so again the situation we don't know how many people are in the truck at this point. police and sheriffs are there. some 50 officers are there at this moment. the ups driver appears to be a younger man himself. maybe 30s. when we saw that close upshot of him he appeared calm and his hands on the wheel. this is right when it past our studio here. when they hit the spike strip and stops. the ups truck stops and the
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police cars form a v right behind that ups truck. we don't know what the relationship is the man inside. with the shotgun. and the woman who exited about 20 minutes ago. >> speaking o that woman. she is being detained and questioned as to what her role is in this. if she's an innocent bystander or part of a plan or scheme. back to the live picture as the sunsets here. police probably will just do some deescalation here. they have no rush in to approaching that ups truck. where the man is there with the shotgun. we're on the scene a couple blocks away. right there of where the ups truck is. you're hearg. >> i'm here at trimable and
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first street. this is completely shut down. the ups truck is right behind my shoulder there. the driver still in the first seat. we'll stay wide. we don't know what will happen. there's an armed man inside. we did hear san jose police multiple times on the speaker and radio. to tell him to surrender. about 20 minutes ago. they say please put down the gun, let the driver go. and turn yourself in. they said it multiple times about 20 minutes ago. at that time the suspect was in the front with the driver. and that's when they made the announcement. the suspect is in the back of the truck with the packages and the driver is in the front seat. this is a very busy intersection. they have diverted all cars out of the area.
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and now the intersection is shut down. like you mention a lot of tech companies here. we're across the strip starbuck. we're in a business park. at this time they're not actively evacuating the business park. but anybody that walks out of the office is has been told to stay away, and leave the area. joining me right now is a resident who lives a half block from here. nice to meet you. you were trying to go home and what happened? >> i was going through the area. i work 30 miles from here. i live in this apartments. shut down this section. there was all the cops. and i can't move. i can see i can wait for
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sometime. and i just can go somewhere else. >> you can't go anywhere. all the intersections are blocked. >> because the conflict. and this road is and everything is because this is the huge road. these are the small roads. you can't get into like -- this small intersection. >> observing as well as us. thank you for your time. there are 30 cop cars here. about 20 sheriffs. ten police officers. >> i want to clarify in terms of the traffic. >> both traffic is closed in both directions? traveling in both directions. >> yes. trimable is closed in both directions. north first street is closed in both directions and the surrounding area is shut down to
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traffic in a one brock area. not letting any traffic in or by this area. there are 30 to 40 police cars. san jose police officers and santa claire. 20 each. we see they're in hiding spots. but sheriff deputies and police officers with their guns drawn. the rifles drawn. just in case something happens. they are all strategically placed. a lot of fast food restaurants. and telling people to stay away. we have been moved probably three times further back. because they have no idea what the suspect wants and what he ma. >> okay. >> a few thousand people. >> we had audio problems. we're interruption.
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just as she washere appear to be the row about 40 cop cars. there are police officers and sheriffs placed in and around this entire area. a large perimeter has been set up. no one -- everybody is in place. nobody coming in and out. the armed man appears. now when that chase was occurring, we're hearing that the person inside the truck the person with the gun may have fired at officers. that were pursuing that ups truck. >> okay. here's what we know. we're watching this unfold. along with you. three people as far as we know are involved. one a woman in custody. according to theri taken out of ups truck around 5:30. about 35 minutes ago. the woman was taken out. she's in custody. there's a man inside that ups truck with the shotgun. and did fire upon officers.
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we don't know too many details beyond that. the third person is the ups driver. in uniform, sitting in the driver seat. apparently an innocent bystander here. and on scene was mentioning and reporting she is hearing on the loud speaker from the police for that person the man with the shotgun to release the driver. we can presume from there that the driver is the innocent bystander here. in terms of the traffic, first street and trimable. a major intersection. all the tech companies there. and sam sung up the road. there is also condos and apartments. you can see as we pull out, all the streets that are closed off. and the traffic being diverted. >> it's a huge corridor. to 101. there's a huge traffic impact. let's show you the daylight video of the chase at its
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height. the ups truck goes past the station. now it's approaching that intersection. the spike strip is on the ground. it causes the right front tire to go flat. and that's what ends this pursuit. that's when we see changes in terms of the woman leaving the struck. and here's live back picture to this. we see then the ups driver in the driver seat with his hand on the wheel. and that's when we realize there is a third person on that. a man younger man with a beard. holding that shotgun under his chin. >> that man is holding that ups driver hostage. they're waiting for him to release that driver. and then they can move in. there are a lot of police cars there. you can see from the live pictures. also many armed officers in the bushes in this area. that are not in the car. just waiting to see and wait
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this man out. in order to avoid any sort of injury. especially a shooting. as we reported there that man with the gun inside the ups truck has already fired upon officers and deputies before this chase came to an end. this ended about 5:30. 40 minutes ago. this is what we have been seeing ever since. >> it was 5:07 we saw the woman walk out. and 5:15 the struck stopped. ups is scrambling to figure out which driver it is. depending on the route. we don't know the identity of the driver at this point. and we don't know the identity of the suspect holding that person to the gun. at bayer our roots run deep.
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we want to get back to the breaking news. we have been following this breaking news for about 45 minutes. what you are seeing is north first street. in north san jose. a big stand off between san jose police and sheriffs as well as a ups truck. inside that ups truck is the ups driver, and a man with a shotgun. holding that driver hostage. a woman was also in the truck. she left that truck about 30 minutes ago. and has been detained. we just got off the phone with the ups. and they say they are working with the authorities and that's what we're seeing here. unfold over the last 45 minutes. >> that woman came out about
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5:37. with her hand in the air walking backwards towards police officers. they take her and put her in detain her. live picture now. some business -- >> the driver has come out. it appears the ups driver who was taken hostage has come out. that would be a best case here. he apparently is an innocent bystander in this. we're waiting to confirm this. we have crews on the ground working on this story. we'll go to a better perspective. what we're seeing and understanding that driver has come out of the ups truck. we're not quite sure if the man with the shotgun is still inside the truck. what do you know? >> we're hearing you. the man with the gun is still inside the truck. somebody is still in the truck ofot
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zooming in and out of the parking lot. here they are by us. so it appears now the driver was let go. if you're seeing that. we believe it's just the suspect in the ups truck. that's good news. they let the driver go. but there are police and sheriffs deputies that surrounded this intersection. they're hiding in spots and they have their rifles drawn. just in case this suspect decides to fire his weapon. as you have reporting he already has during the chase. firing at sheriffs deputies up north first street. in san jose. now, i have dean here. he is one of hundreds of people who work in the business park. dean, thank you so much.
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as we if you can join me here. we'll get a shot. when did you -- around 5:30? >> 45 minutes ago. heard the helicopters and police cars and decided to come back down and see it. >> did you have a question? >> we're trying to get clarity here. on the ups driver. ups driver has backed out and went with police. is there do we see any other activity of any other people approaching that ups truck? >> there's a person in the truck. >> we don't know who that person is. if that's the suspect. if you saw the ups driver get out, the suspect is still inside. we see one person still in the truck. we are not sure who it is. as soon as you mention that ups driver was got out of the truck, a swarm of activity.
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we a swat truck move in. to the parking lot where we're at right now. the swat team is moou moving in to proceed and continue with the negotiations. with the suspect. he appears to be in the truck. there's still a lot of activity in here. we hear whoever is in the truck has a ponytail. we can see them now from a distance. police have the area blocked off and lots of activity. more police arriving. swat team as well. a cell phone. he was talking on the ups drivers cell phone. we're not sure if negotiations are still going on right now or trying to make contact with him. what the demands are. if he's suicidal. the female that was removed from the truck about 5:30, was a suspect. we got that tweet from the sheriff. they say a one female suspect in
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custody. we have a hostage situation. involving a ups driver. that's all the details they are releasing. we want to let you know this is where vta runs. parallel. it is shut down at this area. and providing bus service. but people who work in this building are just kind of watching from the window. and dean, i was talking to dean. he said he -- how did people work in the building, how many companies? >> probably a hundred. a couple thousand people total. >> you heard the siren and the helicopter. >> the helicopters were unusual. that got my attention. and the police said back off. >> did they tell you evacuate or state back? >> if you are in sight of the truck, it's dangerous. get back.
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>> the line of the sight of the possibly the armed gunman. did your coworkers leave or observing? >> one is leaving. he's not taking the normal route home. he has a big detour. >> most of your coworkers still inside? looking out windows? >> just one is inside. it looks like most people are leaving if they can. >> did they tell you to stay away from windows? >> they did. go back to the offices that are safe. not the ones>> p aple are allow the building. >> definitely. >> thank you so much for your we appreciate it. so only a handful of people left in the business park. there's a lot of police activity going on right now. we hear more sirens approaching. i'm not sure if it's more police cars or sheriffs. at this time everybody is kind of just hunkered down.
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we see employees leaving. as you can see from sky ranger, sheriffs and police officers have surrounded this car. right behind the ups truck. and then in other spots surrounding the ups truck. to the side. to the right of it. to the left. in front of it. when we were parking, we saw officers with their rifles drawn. and then we got moved back three times. we were very visible with the live truck. to a safe location. we're about 200 yards. situation. an eye on this and of course we're here on the ground with a close up view. >> thank you. you have been on the ground for about an hour. as we have been watching this unfold. the latest up dapts. the ups driver is out. this is a critical time for police. police have now talked to the driver and may have a much better idea of who they're dealing with. the suspect and what the needs
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are. his emotional state. what's mental capabilities are. and what -- was this a robbery gone wrong or a domestic violence incident. that the ups driver got caught up in. there was a woman involved. you can see the suspect there. this is video we cut from earlier. there's no danger in anything that might happen that is disturbing. you can see the guy on the ground and the shotgun under his chin. presumably during the hour that he spent with the ups driver. the driver knows what this guy's story is. that's being given to police. and most importantly to that can now curtail the plan or fix it. or change it to alter how they can convince this man to safely get out of the ups truck. >> the best part of the story
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here so far. the ups driver who was taken hostage has been released. this was just from a few minutes ago when the driver got out. or was released. you can see it there. we zoom in. about ten minutes ago. the hostage getting out of the truck and walking towards the police officer. and the investigators and the sheriff deputy. he looks safe and healthy. like nothing was wrong. witnesses are telling us this pursuit started in south san jose. and ended in north san jose. again this is north first street. down the street from paypal and e bay headquarters. this is a busyreleased. she walked out about 45 minutes ago. the ups driver he walked out about five minutes ago. and now we presume it's just the one sole man inside that ups
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truck. armed with a shotgun. again they are actively in negotiation now. she can hear them on the loud speaker going back and forth. with the man inside the ups truck. we spoke with ups and they said they are working now with the local authorities. >> a swat team has just arrived a few minutes ago to her location. the swat team probably now taking over the negotiations. to figure out what they can do and treat this man to surrender without harming himself or anybody else. the questions is how did this begin. what happened? and how did get embroiled in this. so good for the ups driver if his family was watching this on tv and may have seen him. certainly difficult, emotional time for them. whoever his loved ones are. they know he is safe. we don't know the identity of the woman or the relationship of
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the woman to the man. that suspect in the truck. these are the questions being asked right now. of law enforcement. so we can try to give that information to you. we're being very cautious as we bring this to you. this is a live picture. we're sensitive to the fact that anything can unfold. we want to let you know we are monitoring the situation and do anything to prevent making sure nothing untorrid comes out on tv. >> if that man comes out with a shotgun or anything else. we'll cut away and go to taped video. some of the streets impacted a lot of tech workers and people in the area. will be impacted because now closed se to an hour since alln all of the major arteries here down. you can see behind it the sheer presence of police officers and armed response there. at last check about 35 to 40
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squad cars and patrol cars including swat. also vta officials. on the top of the screen the right side that's the line. a very popular line. right on the north first corridor. we'll continue to watch this unfold. we'll take a short break and come right back. with the breaking news. with the ups stand off in north san jose. stay with us.
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we want to take you to the breaking news we have been following this stand off for an hour and 15 minutes. on first street in north san jose. a live chopper shot from sky ranger just moments ago. we saw very close up a look at the man that's been holding up until a few minutes ago a ups truck driver hostage. there was a woman in the truck. initially it seemed like he had gone to the back of the truck. now it appears he's talking to police. waving his arms out at officers in the passenger side. he seems to be motions with his arm. for someone to come closer or police officers to back up. it is unclear. butn the truck. where the mout. have a shotgun. we should warn you the man does he's been holding a ups driver for about an hour. in this ups truck. and ant ten minutes ago the ups
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driver was let go and he was able to back his way into police officers. at about 5:30 we saw a woman emerge from the truck. right now we think he's the only person in there. it looks like he has a flashlight. or cell phone in his hand. talking to hostage negotiators or contacting someone else. it appears that he is on the cell phone. at thisun. it appears he is texting. with someone. >> another shot from the ground level. this is video a short while ago of the suspect the armed suspect who had the ups driver hostage. on the ground level here. what we might be seeing to the sky ranger video. that might be one of the robotics. there it is. a live picture. you can soo that thing bd the truck. he's talking towards it. it mig be a robotic camera with a microphone. that is how the officers are
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negotiating with the armed suspect. inside the ups truck. we have been joined on sight for the past hour. she's about a hundred or two hundred yard away from the stand off. what are you seeing now? >> okay. he actually has the shotgun to s chi right he's back in the drivers seat. and on his cell phone. about three minutes ago as you both were mentioning he was gesturing his right hand out the window. i think from my impression he was communicating with someone on the phone. not to police officers. and trying to spell out something. he had a couple fingers up and made an upside down v. and he kind of like signalled shaking his hand and he was on the cell phone at the time. i think he knows he's on live tv. and he's talking to somebody to
6:32 pm
see if they can see his gestures out the window. his arm and right arm out the passenger window. and to see if they can see him from sky ranger and live coverage. he was trying to send a message. my producer was thinking the same thing. trying to spell something out. he is sitting back in the driver seat. he's agitated. he's ye chanting. he's got the cell phone on in his hand. in his left hand and the sun in the right. and he is extremely agitated. and frustrated right now. >> if you can hear us. >> it's really strange. >> what is he saying, what can yo hear? what's the communication from the negotiators. over the loud speaker? >> they're not. they haven't said anything over the loud speaker. in about 45 minutes.
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since about 5:45. when the driver was holding a gun to the ups driver's head. and that's when they chimed in and said let the driver go. put the gun down. surrender. so that was from about 45 minutes ago. that was the only time that police have said anything over the loud speaker. telling him to put the gun down. at him. since in the last 20 minutes as you see here live. they let the driver go. prior to that a female suspect exited the vehicle. she's a suspect. she's in custody. she's being questioned. it appears the suspect the gunman is the only one left in the truck. and he is just on his cell phone. nobody has spoken to him. we don't know who he's talking to on the phone. if he's talking to negotiators. but nobody is saying anything
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over the loud speaker right now. it's very odd. this is a big intersection. they're doing the best they can to keep people away. it's a lot of area to cover. about five minutes ago i saw a regular pedestrian just walking down the sidewalk. so we'll keep an eye on the situation. still very tense. back to you in the studio. >> okay. right from the scene of the stand off. here's what we know. here's the informatio of course we're learning this as we're watching eth ver thankf u. he was taken hostage. the gunman in the van. and the woman we don't know the relationship. she has been released. but detained by air forces. about an hour ago. >> we'll continue to monitor the situation. we want to pivot and talk about other big stories. the storms that have been taking a toll on the bay area. talking flooding and sliding
6:35 pm
hillsides. a lot of concern about what's going to happen next. >> one of the hot spots. the pounding rain led to a mud slide that took down an entire home. what you're seeing there a woman who was inside the home. the homeowner she was inside when the home started to slide. thankfully she made it out. and she is okay. >> when that hill went she went with it. our camera was the first to be there in the area. we saw susan gordon being taken away on a stretcher. she puts her in mud. we're happy to tell you she's okay. >> not just that. we're watching a lot of the rivers in the bay area leading to threats of flooding. in san jose the river forced evacuations. and the rushing river is at frood stage. we have a team of reporters in the region. >> at the scene of the mud
6:36 pm
slide. >> aside from bruises, susan is okay. and authorities say she's incredibly lucky that nothing crushed her. when her second floor duplex slid down 100 yards. her son says she's feisty and cat survived too. >> we're glad to s obviously conscious. she is communicating. >> arms in the air and covered in mud. susan gordon survived mother natures wrath. and caught the rescue live on air. >> the 75 year-old grandmother woke up buried in mud. after a mud slide destroyed at least two homes. one was her duplex. and the other was an empty house on crescent avenue. >> she must have been in the right place in the building.
6:37 pm
where she didn't have anything collapse on her. >> we spoke to her son. who is on the way from the east coast to be with his mom. his mother yelled for help until rescue crews were able too dig her out. >> she was able to escape with bumps and bruises and scratches. >> officials say they rescued a family of five including a baby from a home. four buildings are red tagged. 50 homes evacuated because of fear that the ground is so saturated. the steep hillside could give out again. >> she lost everything. pictures. everything that she has was in the house. and i know that's probably just killing her. >> is this hillside stable? that is a question that engineers are trying to answer. it's unclear when the 50 or so families will be able to return
6:38 pm
to the homes. >> thank you. it will be a tense night for people. outside right now it looked beautiful. this is a look over san jose. bring in chief meteorologist. tracking all the rain for us. are we done and what come next? >> we have more rainfall tonight. over the next three to four hours. we'll start to see things pick up. we have a few areas of spotty rain. genera b rain in such a short amount of time. we're seeing some of the damage here across the bay area. in two days time, four to seven inches. so the ground is saturated. if you put any rain on top of this flooding concerns will continue tonight. into tomorrow. the top spot is in north bay. where the small creeks and
6:39 pm
streams are close to bank full. stay away from those. do not head to them to check them out. please by all means if you approach any water on the roadway, especially at night. do not try to drive through it. turn around and head in the other direction. flooding is a number one killer. when it comes to weather. a closer look at the rushing river. thesi it will crest 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 36 feet. this will bring some water into town. so please follow the local signs. keep your alerts on your phone and get the app. and we'll update you. here's the next round of rain tonight. and that brings us more wet weather. late this evening and tomorrow morning. i posted that full forecast. >> thanks for staying on top of everything. a fluid situation in the county. advisory a couple hours ago. asking people in low lying areas
6:40 pm
to consider evacuating because the river hit flood stage earlier this afternoon. live with the latest. it's coming down again? >> it looks like we'll see a repeat of history. obviously people who live here are very familiar with the flooding and it's never a goodstein when you have the n re park under the river here and creeping into yardsencourages f lying areaing to get out. >> the russian river has reached flood stage. now is interfering with every day life. from canoeing couples. >> my neighbor heard a redwood fall. so i think that's why it went up so much. >> to easy going renters. unable to drive into their parking lot. >> when do you get worried? >> i wait for the people here to get worried.
6:41 pm
i'm new. if they're not worried. >> they bought this complex in november. and watches as eleven tenants scramble to find dry space. >> i have monitoring by the hour. hoping and pra wasn't going to flood. it's mother nature. >> within the last day it raised a lot. i'm watching it go up. >> she owns the rock top lodge. a rental on the bend of the river. probably take 100 year flood to touch his home. still. >> the way the weather is working now. with the crazy volatility and highs and lows. who knows. >> it's tough to get a full perspective by looking. there's about 100 steps from the house to the river. below me are 44 steps covered with water. beneath that is a dock. >> here's what the dock looks like on a sunny day. and the steps free of flood
6:42 pm
water. >> you heard jeff talk about it. the river is actually expected to crest about 1:00 a.m. this morning. at 36 feet. we will have much more at 11:00. >> okay. thank you. coming up we'll update you on the rain that is still to come. also that hostage situation that has ended. involving the ups truck on north first street. we're back in a moment.
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a very tense situation here. we have been doing this for about an hour and a half. the hostage situation right in front of the studio. in north san jose. a live picture right now of a ups truck. that has a man with a gun hld to his chin inside. the initially had a ups driver as his hostage. that ups police talking to police. but the man with the shotgun this is at the intersection of first on a busy commuter area. right at the height of the evening commute. initially three people were in the truck. including a woman. we don't know the relationship between the three people. except the driver was taken hostage. a live picture as we widen out. you can see just how busy a corridor this is.
6:46 pm
in the middle of 101 and 680. very busy area. >> just down the road from e bay and paypal. so the issue is now that they're going to wait this suspect out. this gunman inside that u short video of the being p walkingsqd cars behind them. we're happy to report he is okay. he was taken hostage for more than an hour. he is okay. he's been released. the gunman remains in the ups truck. with the shotgun. and many points in the last 90 minutes the gun was pointed towards his own head. he is threatening to harm himself. the good news the ups driver has been released he's safe. obviously being questioned about what he knows about all of this. we have down on the scene for
6:47 pm
us. 100 yards away from where this is unfolding. we spoke about ten minutes ago, what's transpired since that point? >> since that point, about ten minutes ago, it appears the sut flattened by the spike strips. so it lurched a couplee stopped. and ever since then, the gunman has been in the driver seat. about 25, 30 minutes ago he was cig falling outside the passenger window. he opened up the window and started doing hand gestures. while on the phone. we don't know if he was trying to communicate with police. from my vantage point it appears he was talking to somebody on the phone. doing some hand gesturing to see if they can see him from nbc bay area sky ranger. it appears he knows that we are doing live coverage of this
6:48 pm
stand off situation. now -- since the phone. he's less agitated now. he has hist up. appears on the dash. and seems much more calm. while talking on the phone. i can see his cell phone on. and he seems to be having a conversation. we don't know with whom. either with swat team negotiators or with somebody he knows. he just seems to be relaxed. sitting in the driver seat of the ups truck. he has his shotgun in his hand. but it's not pointed under his chin or at him. so he just seems to be a little bit more calm and relaxed than 20 minutes ago. he was making the gestures with his hands outside the window. trying to signal something or spell something out. and yelling and screaming at the phone. he seems to be more kicked back
6:49 pm
and talking on the phone. we're not sure. street is still closed down. vta runs parallel. it is shut downright now. so that is closed. they're running buses around the area. this whole area is shut down. there's a str to the left of the ups truck. to the right there's a business park. with about 50 companies here. and thousands of employees. actually most of them have left the building. they weren't told to evacuate. but they have gone home. for the day. they left as they were exiting the building. police told them to stay back and exit from the rear. and leave the business park. most people have left the scene. right now there are just dozens of police officers and sheriffs here. and the swat team. we'll keep an eye on the situation from the ground. we have a close up vantage point and we'll keep you posted.
6:50 pm
>> all unfolding. we should mention we have mentioned previously. this gunman did shoot at officers during the chase. and at some point. this chase started around 5:00. around 5:25 p.m. it came to an end. they blew out the front tires with a strip. flat. and then around 5:35 the first person was released. the woman came out. and subsequently 20 minutes ago the ups driver himself the hostage was released. and he was okay. >> this is continuing to unfold. right in the middle of the tech companies and a lot of condos and apartments. >> we'll move away from the story. don't worry we are monitoring what's happening on the ground. we want to update you on the situation with the weather. that impacted so many people. the south bay reservoir is filled to the brim. over night many of the them did
6:51 pm
spill over. which is a hugeonre worried abo flooding. >> in the south bay with the very latest. where are you what's the condition with the various reservoirs? >> we're near anderson reservoir. they thought there were four overflowing. it could be five. the water district told me the steven creek reservoir is at more than 99% capacity. there could be five reservoirs overflowing. if it hasn't happened already. the control release that is taking place here at anderson will be going on at some of the other reservoirs. that are already over the top. >> reporter: the rain was relentless. many south bay reservoirs couldn't keep up. the reservoir holding around 500 acre feet.
6:52 pm
went passed 106% capacity. and as it set up to do, spilled over into the creek. causing a ripple effect closing part of the popular creek trail. >> the dam was overflowin can't. nothing will stop it. >> our ground is saturated. we're seeing contributing to the increases is a lot of run off from the hills. >> unlike the other reservoirs they have spill ways. morgan hill with capacity ot 9,700 acre feet. went over 105%. just under 8,000 acre feet also needed to release. >> it's very controlled measure. we analyze what the street levels are like. what the flow is coming out impact would be on the creek. >> reservoir spilling over didn't scare many people we talked to today. they said as long as it doesn't
6:53 pm
flood, they'll look at the bright side. >> the capacity it's great. it means we don't worry about being having water shortage. >> of course everyone we talked to who has been watching releases say it's a lot easier to take it in stride. when there's no rain. and earlier the rain is probably coming back. there's a race going onto try to get rid of the extra water. before more comes down. >> we'll hear more from jeff in a moment. we want to update the breaking news. highway 17. we just learned that both southbound lanes are now open. after a tree came crashing down. this is what traffic looked like during the 5:00 newscast. it was just a mess. crews have cleared that tree. and traffic is now moving again. there is a deadly crash in the northbound direction that sthut the lanes down. the back up on the map was terrible. the chp is reopening the lanes.
6:54 pm
>> okay. back to the chief meteorologist. broach the 7:00 hour. the next few hours and the over night. >> i want to let you know we have storm ranger positioned here. it's south bay with the stand off you have been covering. we could have some rainfall starting to move over that area as we head throughout the next 30 minutes. that would change maybe some of the dynamics. we'll be back to the coverage in a bit here. out to the north. we have some rainfall north of santa rose. the next storm system. that's why the flood threats remains elevated tonight. the top spot we're watching is across the north bay. a lot of the small creeks and streams are reaching bank. remember to not drive through any kind of water. it can turn deadly with flooding
6:55 pm
situations. the russian river is continuing to rise. cresting at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning 36 feet. flooding to theocal signs and alerts. and get our app. we'll keep you up to date. that water level will drop as we hit saturday. so through tonight, widespread coverage. returning to the bay area. with heavy pockets in there with the next system. scattered rain in the forecast through tomorrow morning. then we hit the afternoon, we'll see more wet weather return. we have the 7-day forecast online. >> we want to interrupt you. live to a news conference happening outside of the stand off. with the negotiators and the gunman inside the truck. let's listen in. >> the vehicle pursuit continues again. second pursuit. spike strips were deployed in attempt to stop the truck. the ups truck of the that was in the area of 87th and tailor. the suspect drive it.
6:56 pm
even though the spike strips did work. and all the tires were blown out. he drove the car with the while he was on rims. we're able to get the car the truck stopped. which is what you see here. in a female suspect was detained. the ups driver was still in a hostage situation. negotiators arrived on scene. we were able to rescue the hostage. and get him out safely. the suspect at this time is currently still in the ups truck. we don't know his age or anything of that nature. right now we're working the situation. hoping for a peaceful resolution. >> what was the nature of the initial attempt to stop? >> i doint have that information. there was a suspicious vehicle. i don't know what peeked the interest of the deputies. looking at this particular vehicle they were some of the
6:57 pm
transit division. we have a contract. they were in the patrol area. >> he left the car run and hijacked the ups driver? >> the initial stop was we tried to stop the vehicle. the vehicle stops momentarily. deputies get out of the vehicle to walk up to the truck. it was some sort of black gmc suv. that point he gets back on the gas. and drives off. so police get in their car and the pursuit begins. during that pursuit is when the suspect fired multiple shots towards the deputies. i can say that at least one shot hit our patrol vehicle. >> when did he change to the ups? >> i don't know the exact location. >> do you mind if i grab you. i'm going live at 7:00. >> there's a lot of resources
6:58 pm
here. can you talk about what's deployed. >> we have all of the search team. san jose city of san jose merge team. hosage negotiations. >> thank you. >> i'll introduce you in a second. >> all right. we have been listening to the sergeant cooks from the sheriff department. who's been giving us some information confirming the information we have given you. in terms of the time line. and the female suspect. he also added some additional information. that we have just learned. along with you. that has been two chases initially and appears that the suspect was initially in a black suv. he's running. live on tv. it appears he left the running down into one of the buildings there. we can see him.
6:59 pm
he's still may have the gun in his hand. >> he's actually running towards where we might have our crew. in that building. >> he's on the ground. >> we'll pull away. just on the side of safety. he is going towards our crew. we'll try to check in with her. to see what's happening. there are shots fired. what we have done is pulled away from the helicopter shot. because there were shots fired. that suspect might be on the ground. what we saw him there a minute ago running from the ups truck. he was the gunman with the shotgun. he was in the truck for about 90 minutes. he ran and shots fired. he might have been shot. >> or he was running. this is what we hear. it appeared it was two chases that the deputies were trying to look at a car. a black suv. that we understand this man may have been inside.
7:00 pm
somehow that chase te but then he got out of that. and it appears he may have carjacked that ups truck. with the driver. that's what we understand at this point. that's not 100% confirmed. that's what it appears m


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